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2017 Tournament Schedule

2018 Tournament Schedule! last updated: 12/29/17

Penmar Golf Club 2018 Club Tournaments
(Subject to change! We will be adding events! Check often!)
11-Jan Thurs Encino 9:00  
18-Jan Thurs Penmar 9:00  
15-Feb Thurs Penmar 9:00  
24-Feb Sat Penmar 9:00  
8-Mar Thurs Wilson 9:00  
22-Mar Thurs Penmar 9:00  
7-Apr Sat Penmar 8:30 Vance Schafer Memorial
19-Apr Thurs Penmar 9:00  
5-May Sat Penmar 8:30  
19-May Sat Balboa 8:30 Saturday at Balboa!
24-May Thurs Penmar 9:00  
2-Jun Sat Penmar 8:00  
21-Jun Thurs Penmar 8:30  
7-Jul Sat Penmar 8:30  
12-Jul Thurs Harding 9:00  
26-Jul Thurs Penmar 8:30  
11-Aug Sat Penmar 8:00  
23-Aug Thurs Penmar 8:30  
13-Sep Thurs Rancho Park 9:00  
22-Sep Sat Penmar 8:30  
27-Sep Thurs Penmar 9:00  
6-Oct Sat Penmar 8:30 18 holes - Club Champ
6-Oct Sat Penmar 11:30 18 holes - Club Champ
18-Oct Thurs Penmar 9:00  
3-Nov Sat Penmar 9:00  
15-Nov Thurs Penmar 9:00  
8-Dec Sat Penmar 9:00  
13-Dec Thurs Penmar 9:00  

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